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I use my art to reflect an artist and a senior manager in the financial services industry. I notice that the deeper I understand myself the more I succeed to impact others; in both art and work.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The latest creative spam - as prize this time

Yes, some weeks ago I asked people in an article on this blog to help select the key art work of my exhibition in NYC.
As a result Plapable Sense of Energy and Anticipation was chosen and decorated the invitations.

Many people gave their preference, but only one could win: John Merrell
As promised he can now select one of the original Creative Spam drawings; I listed them below.
I would say "John, let me hear which one you would like".
Just for ease of reference I numbered them and gave them names.

As a reminder: everyone is still welcome to join us for the opening at Agora Gallery 20 December.
By the way, it was quite shocking to see this week the enormous devastation that Sandy has created in and around NYC...realise that my exhibition is a modest event in all this chaos and disaster.
Anyway, hope John likes the art works I selected and finds something of his taste.

1. Where Everything Seems to Happen in Waves

2. Look into My Window

3. I looked up and down

4. At the close of a sweltering night

5. His stretching way down

6. Flags of All Nations

7. Faint Stairs

8. In one of the Dives

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