Reflections on art and leadership

I use my art to reflect an artist and a senior manager in the financial services industry. I notice that the deeper I understand myself the more I succeed to impact others; in both art and work.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

how simple things can touch you

Sometimes there are these moments when you are touched by something. It is amazing how something simple, without any words, can seem to trigger deeper emotions. This movie by Michael Dudok de Wit is an example I found years ago; through my friend Toine. And even after years it still touches me. Do me a favor and watch it; a good therapy for to start an inspirational and meaningful day.

As an artist I am fascinated by this movie; what makes it touch me; and looking at the reactions on YouTube, what makes it touch many people. In my own art I have tried to find direction, explore the purpose of art, search for universal elements that touch people; things that touch myself.
Very much inspired by the movies of Michale Dudok de Wit I looked for more information and I found this interview. It has only been viewed around 10.000 times, where I feel there are some strong philosophical and conceptual points in there. If you have some 10 minutes time I would invite you to watch it.

Learning points or things I take away from it:
- the richness of lines when the material allows you to show diversity in expression. I sometimes use pens that have limited dimensions of expression; the brush allows much more expression and show the emotion you feel when 'drawing'. A good reminder for my next art works and concepts
- he says he can only make a movie when completely in love with the idea; I do recognise this, when something really touches me it is more easy to have the patience and dedication required to make a wonderful art work. It not only touches myself, but then also more likely touches others.
- his movies are not intellectual, rather an 'intuitive appeal'. I do believe that our rational is limited, and to reach a deeper beauty an artist needs to reach deeper more powerful sources within him or herself. Where for children that is easier, as adults we sometimes need to make a larger effort.
- Michael uses tea for his paintings; I love the metaphorical aspect, the authenticity and the richness of the expression it brings, really inspiring.
- I love the confirmation that making such movies is more about feeling and insight than it is about intellect; so many movies nowadays get complicated by rational story lines, an explosion of expressions to maximise the pleasure of the audience, while missing the intimacy and authenticity to truly touch the audience.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Some other movies from Michael I would like to recommend: