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I use my art to reflect an artist and a senior manager in the financial services industry. I notice that the deeper I understand myself the more I succeed to impact others; in both art and work.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Preparing for Global Art Awards

I received some weeks ago an invitation to participate to the Global Art Awards. I signed up with the Hidden Sacrifice concept, with as key art work ‘Protective Mantles’. Now voting has started and the work has just started. Sharing here some of the preparations.

First point is to select the right art work. I chose for Protective Mantles  as I have notice it is one of the more appealing art works. In general people more quickly relate to images that more directly express feelings and that they can connect to their own reality. A largely figurative art work therefore is more suitable to attract direct attention and appreciation from the general viewer. In addition people in general do not connect easily with artworks that have a clear ‘dark side’. This is a pity as any proper art needs to make some form of reference to darkness, sadness or pain. If it is not that, and only aims to convey an aesthetic image, it is more design than art... So if I was aiming primarily at a highly educated jury I would ave taken the darkest work from the Hidden Sacrifice series. But, I am betting here that I first need to to catch their interest by aesthetics before they will be willing to deepen their understanding of the conceptual ideas and darkness.

When sending the requested pictures of art works, maximum 3, I need to pick also another art work to ensure they understand this concept is broader than the angel-like image of Protective Mantles. I chose to take the Worn-out Horses art work as it more clearly shows the parchment, the inside writings and reference to ancient religious crafts. After all, the preparation of parchment for this series includes rituals to sanctify the animal skin being ‘sacrificed’. And it is decorated by script in style of writing as was done on the original parchment in 14th and 15th century and texts that stem from religious writings that are linked to the subject of relationship between humans and animals.

The Global Art Award Organisation also requested a profile picture. So I thought to get inspired. In the Thales when traveling back from Paris this week I decided to play with my iPad and the Procreate App. The result you can see above. Quite happy with the resulting design ( not art, for the record) and that with working on it for some 90 minutes or so.

As it is sometimes difficult to capture the detailed expression of the art works in the glass bell I thought to add a zoomed picture, hoping this will help people to explore and fantasize what might be in the glass bells and what could be the themes that it refers to.

Another effort to create a view of the art works that conveys more clearly the structure of the objects is above. Again I created this with Procreate, trying to simplify the composition and also allow people to understand what is displayed into the glass bell.

Now preparation starts:
- providing all images and information to the Global Art Award Organisation
- sharing with my network the link where they can vote, using mainly Facebook and Instagram as my LinkedIn account is mainly a business network, which I do not want to mix.

Considerations when signing up for the competition:
- I filed my art under the Conceptual Art category, as its richness is mainly in the depth of the concept and does not always show from a picture
- there is quite some competition. Display on their site is only an image of the art work. This is great, but actually risks that choices are made based on the image only.
- my artwork is truly different than anything else I have seen, and hope the images show enough of that. Quite some ‘design’ art that pleases the eyes but does not appear to have much depth. So, raises my interest into what the jury will appreciate.
- overall a competition like this is easily pushing you purely into competition reflexes, but in the end to me ( with my other work distraction ) is just really a way to focus on my art for some time. It is generally difficult to find time and energy for art when the agenda is already filled with many other work related challenges. And trying to be somewhat of a father to my children too.

Well getting on with it.

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