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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Endurance Exhibition New Century Artists

Last weekend I flew to NYC to collect my art works that had been framed, bring them for the exhibition in Chelsea and get everything installed, also for my next exhibition in December. Here you find a short summary of my experiences, challenges and the results.

New Century Artists
Exhibition Endurance
Maurice van Tilburg
Artworks framed at Pearl Paint (308 Canal Street)
In June I had brought some paintings to New York, all rolled up as they were large papers. I brought 3 of them to Pearl Paint. The others I needed for my contribution to the NYSE charity event where they were auctioned for charity, and framing at pearl Paint took at least 6 weeks.
his time I picked it up and my view on framing was:
- quality of framing is good. During the hanging one art work (with front cover of plexi glass) fell from the wall at a height of 5 ft, and the frame and plexiglass survived...that is quite impressive, and saved me lots of hassle
- one of the art works had hanging construction vertical, where it should be vertical, and they resolved that in a day.
- price of framing (for New York comparison) is quite okay
- as said before they are quite busy and framing takes at least 6 weeks, and could be more when it overlaps a holiday period
- shop service is okay, they help you think about solutions and advised me for the transport.
- small point is that each time I came early in the morning staff arrived late for work...making me wait.

The transport I did by Breakaway Courier ( as advised by Pearl Paint. Funny ride in a van that was a complete mess (full of garbage, blankets, old coffee cups, etc) but guy was friendly, told me all about his experiences since Hurricane Sandy, and dropped me off at the right place.

Setting up the exhibition
Arrived at the exhibition and other artists arrived one by one. Was interesting for the first time to hang my art in New York, and seeing the specific way of hanging. Some impressions below.
In the end I got a good spot. It turned out that the first hook I used in the wall to hang the painting was not strong enough. So when I stepped back the frame fell on the floor. As said before it was a miracle that it all stayed in one peace. And after hanging my art work and helping some others I left for a drink with a friend at W 49th Street. Big relief as I had been a bit nervous to see whether all plans would work out as planned...and they did.

Hosting at the gallery Tuesday 20 Nov
It was nice to arrive at the New Century Artists Gallery at 530 25th Street in Chelsea, taking the key from my pocket and opening the door. During the day I had company of Belgian sculpture Luc De Man and his wife. A key element of exhibiting is that it offers the opportunity to exchange of views with visitors and also get feedback. Also interesting is to meet other artists, where you naturally connect easier with one artist than another. I had a nice discussion with Luc and was great to see his artworks.
Also during the day another artist came to hang his artwork; he had been working the day before and couldn't make it to the hanging session. This New york based artist Rohan Baronette explained his view on art and what he was trying to achieve.
I will write in another article more about these artists, and the elements I found interesting.

First days were not too crowded, and several reasons can be found:
- seems in general less crowded now that NY is occupied with recovery of Sandy
- first days of the week are always more quiet
- these were the days just before Thanksgiving, where many people are getting ready for the family event, not really busy with a nice gallery-visit.
Well, curious how the rest of the exhibition goes, but will follow that from a distance.
Also nice was that friend Paul - when visiting - offered to be there at the exhibition closing and take artworks home, and restore the walls.

More updates to come...and thank you to all people that are supporting me!

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