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Thursday, November 8, 2012

ARTisSpectrum magazine Nov 2012 - review of my art

I just received the new November edition of the ARTisSpectrum magazine; in general I find this a nice magazine and it was recently mentioned by CBS as an important and influential magazine regarding contemporary art. One of the elements that helped Agora Gallery get in the top 6 of contemporary art galleries.
I also like the look and feel on the web, where you can virtually flip through the magazine.

Then, even nicer to see that they included half a page for a review of my art. On the right top.

For people interested in the review I included a close up below, or you can go directly to the right page on the web.

I have seen now several galleries, agents and magazines. There is a lot of variety in approach, exposure and how it is designed and prepared. Until now quite happy with Agora as gallery and agent for NYC, and how they take care of organising adequate reviews, exposure and organisation of exhibition. And although this week I have been approached by another gallery in Chelsea, still feel that the whole look and feel at Agora fits better with my profile and is basically more professional.
While describing it as 'professional'I realised that this might be 'vague' for readers; so to be more explicitly it refers to:
- clarity in every detail of timelines, required preparation, sign off, insurance, and all very timely and well documented
- engagement what will be done in terms of exposure, and then delivering what has been committed
- professional texts, that show they actually fully reviewed my biography, artist statements and concepts as well as references. And coming with an original view on the right 'context' for myself as an artist,
- advice and guidance on how to connect their promotion with your personal audience
- provision of tools helping sending of invitations, uploading of art works and selling on the web;
- website that is adequately designed, gets updated frequently and gets corrected rapidly when mistakes are reported.

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