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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The trend of 'designification' explained (2)

Documentary Before the music died

Saw this one today and was amazed. It so much resonates with my earlier article about designification that I thought to post links here. Well, just have a look and see for yourself...
Previous article: The trend of designification explained

Interesting to hear elements such as:
- how has the music industry changed
- what happens nowadays to music talents
- view of the sorts of artists and what drives them
But also interesting for my own direction and to use as a lateral approach in the 'art industry':
- what solutions have been found; what is it that lasts
Well, although I am sure you could find all parts of the documentary yourself, I thought to paste the links all below, just to make it easier :) Enjoy, I will have another look at it soon.

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