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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Presenting 3D art objects through a GIF animation

Recently had my new 3D art works photographed by Ariane James as I posted earlier.
She created multiple pictures that I transformed into a GIF image.
Below you find an example.

Masking Strength - parchment & mixed media

It really brings out the 3D quality of the object. Which is important as a 2D picture just does not have the same effect. It is actually hard to really understand what is being displayed on a 2D picture if you have never seen these objects.

The making of...
The photographer created a studio environment surrounded by completely black decoration on all sides. As everything reflects on the glass everything around the object needs to be black. And this can not be done perfectly (if all is black then there is no light to see the object), yet it is by definition never perfect as even the camera itself reflects in the glass bell. So, after making the pictures for each object they have been aligned and undesired reflections have been removed through Photoshop.
After this I used a basic App to transform the images into one GIF-movie. Not sure the App I used is perfect I will be looking for other Apps that make a more smooth experience and more refinement in the time intervals between the images. Any advice/recommendation of others is welcome :)

The result...
As an artist I am very happy with all the efforts and specifically the result.
Although this is 'sort of' the best way to present it does not capture all elements that can be seen when looking at the object. You miss elements like the original 18th century VOC coins that decorate the clay basis of the object, the special black seal with the stamp of this art work series and the 'antique-ness' of the glass bell originally used for displaying religious objects.

Next step... is to prepare other aspects of the exhibition:
- create brochure
- integrate in website
- arrange display materials for these objects during the exhibition
- organize transport and installation

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