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Sunday, July 9, 2017

New 'Sacrifice' art works for August exhibition

I have decided to the Global Art Amsterdam exhibition 25 and 26 August 2017 in Amsterdam, at the Beurs van Berlage. I have participated before to such an exhibition and it is exciting. Loads of people visiting and many art works displayed.
I decided to explore new versions of my previous parchment project 'Sacrifice'. I had made some time ago specific commissions for art collectors Jan and Jannie Maas. They had obtained some 20 parchment art work commissions from other artists, and had asked me to make one too. I decided to make a theme around 'our connection with animals'. How do we related to animals, how have our habits shifted and our behaviour influenced by rituals and ego.
The new series, currently some 6 objects, were finally ready. It is way in time for the exhibition, but still quite some work to be done. One thing is to have them photographed. I had made some pictures initially with my camera, but creating pictures of glass bells is something extra complex. But Ariane James did it!

Messenger stick with parchment document rapped around it. The inside shows reflective texts where the outside is decorated with a more modern expressive decoration. The foot of the object contains a silver coin.

This glass bell contains a madonna figure with a silver coin halo, rising from a silver birth cup and decorated with parchment wings.
Now, next challenge will be to make nice GIFs from  the pictures she has taken from different angles.
But I am already happy with these pics as they are really okay for the exhibition brochure... Yet, more to come when preparing for the exhibition!

Three sequential images made as part of a larger series to enable creation of a 3D movie or GIF ar a later stage. This has required quite some photoshop work to ensure they are exactly aligned and any unintended distortions are removed.

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