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I use my art to reflect an artist and a senior manager in the financial services industry. I notice that the deeper I understand myself the more I succeed to impact others; in both art and work.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New style for the Subconscious Power concept

The Subconscious Power concept aims to get in a sort of flow, work in a high pace and then create a very complex composition that still shows clear harmony. The idea is to shut down my rational filters; little voices in my brain that tell me to stop, not take a risk of ruining what has already been made, go for simple compositions, reduce the number of colors, etc.

Until now I worked with specific mixes of acrylic paint, medium and water; on a wet surface in order to force myself to create large strokes, work rapidly and accept to let go of rational control, the desire to directly create an aestetic composition.
At the same time I had been working on large amounts of drawings for the Creative Spam project where I post (until now close to 200) drawings in Amsterdam for anyone to find and take home. With these drawings I have also been building my 'vocabulary of shapes and colors', which has become now part of the natural language I use when painting.
And for the La Valise Noire concept I created several drawings based on experiences, darker thoughts and sending it then in the black suitcase.

For a long time I have been a bit hesitant to use oil paint again. In general it is quite difficult to work with (meaning I did not yet fully master it to use it completely organically) and therefore would be difficult to get in a sort of flow when I would still be thinking of 'how to actually put the paint on the linen'.

Recently I decided to engage with the challenge; I bought some large surfaces to paint on, completed again my set of oil paint colors, and brought them to my apartment in Paris where there is lots of light. And one morning I just started; I had prepared how I would work, installed all materials and then just followed my brush. I introduced one break to go out for a walk and then came back. It lead to the painting you see attached.

So, am I happy with the result ? Not sure yet, will make a few more of these pqintings and see how it works. Not even sure if it is ready actually; which is part of the regulare torture an artist faces... Had some very positive feedback from friends who visited, but some others made no comment at all...well in the end the only reference for whether this is the right art work As my friend  and much more experienced artist Frederik beerbaum said to me some time ago: "95 % of the people have no clue what you are doing, so only you can be the reference of what is good". Well, I'm not sure yet, guess we will see in the coming weeks.

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  1. I really find this very interesting. There is so much energy and my eyes are drawn to the figure in the center that appears to have an explosion of thoughts swirling around (am I seeing things correctly?). The geometric pieces in the background remind me of looking down from an airplane and I envision this individual as floating above the earth.

    As far as feedback from others on good or not good or whatever, you and your friend are right. It is something I have to remind myself all the time. I create the work for me, from my truth, vision or whatever. If I focus too much on the external feedback, I can begin to despair and I lose the magic of creating. It is a hard line to walk. But I love the idea that you are trying new mediums and you are keeping at it. It will all come together and just keep doing it for you! Over time you will see your progress and celebrate the creative journey.

    1. Hey Tina, thanks for this valuable feedback.
      Well, I definitely see what you see. At the same time I have not been thinking but more feeling during the process, so I guess the images are a reflection of my deeper feeling; the painting is (I guess/hope) like the theatre where my subconscious has decided to show itself.
      Other people saw a bird in the blue swirly part, and a painful heart on the right below.
      I definitely see the person, and seems connected through two 'wires' with the shapes above. Although there is pain, there is also floating and joyful creativity that evolves from the darker part.
      It is funny with these paintings as I continue discovering new things myself.
      Thanks again