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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The way images revive memories


Onweerstaanbaar naar zijn doel
Some two years ago after quite some things happened in my own life I went for a visit at my friend Arjan, who lives in a nice village not too far from Clermont-Ferrand.

There I had the opportunity to watch Arjan and his original deep black Frisian horse while making a start with two paintings.

2 weeks ago I found those initial paintings and all of a sudden memories started to come back. Not only memories, but also the feeling I had at that time and our personal stories that were shared during these few days that I stayed with Arjan and his wife Gerrie.

It touched me and this last week and especially this weekend I could 'dive' into those feelings and finish the painting, working passionately on all the details, like ritually re-living these moments and the impressive memory of this giant horse. And the impressions of Arjan determined to gain confidence of the horse, making it walk and run circles in the sand controlled by his voice.

I find it amazing how paintings and expressions can bring back memories like nothing else, even in some cases transferring the emotions and deeper feelings to a new audience, that now for the first time can take notice of the connection between a man, a horse and the observer.

I hope Arjan likes it too by the way as it is not an exact replica of him and his horse, but more the way I felt it. Gven it a title meaning: "irresistably towards his goal"

This is a painting in the series of Unconscious Power; you can read more about this concept in this blog or on my main website at the concepts

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