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I use my art to reflect an artist and a senior manager in the financial services industry. I notice that the deeper I understand myself the more I succeed to impact others; in both art and work.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

La Valise Noire (3)

This weekend overheard two writers in an interview, each with an interesting quote:

About identifying a very personal subject of her writing the woman said:
it was the subject that is so close to me that I couldn't see it anymore
Guess this happens with more topics and issues; they get so much part of our being and sensing that we actually stop recognising them.

From another writer:
what evokes your fear is also what attracts you - being afraid of hights implies actually that you would like to jump
Actually, having a bit of fear of hights I realised this actually might be true; whenever I am near a high open window I feel fear; and basically as I can see myself jumping down.

I decided to make self portraits the coming time, drawing shapes that just come to my mind, trying to see which patterns and shapes will appear and try to interpret what they say about the areas that are so close to me. One I started to make this weekend and is shown above, interesting patterns I see, and so many details appear when just following the thin line created by the pen. Enough food for thought.

Next article with cartoon on La Valise Noire

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